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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Joe's consequentialist ideas

In the book the "Round House" by Louise Erdrich the main character Joe feels he needs to take revenge on the person who raped his mother, Linden Lark. He debates what he wants to do to him and every scenario he finds himself at a cross road. He thinks about killing him almost everyday and tries to convince himself that Linden deserves it, but it is still hard for him. When he finally decides that he should kill Linden he has a very hard time doing it. He has to use a tree branch to help him steady his shot when he shoots at him. After that though he convinces him self that what he did was ok. He takes an "ends justify the means" approach and wants to think that he did the right thing. When he is talking to Bugger he realizes that Bugger saw the dead body of someone Linden Lark killed so Joe convinces himself that Linden would be in jail anyway " If we hadn't killed Lark, he'd have gone to jail for life anyway". This though process shows that Joe is thinking about justice through a consequentialist eye and that's how he views justice. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Is It Really Just A Gold Watch


    I am going to start out with something that I saw that is a little silly but really made me think. It was about a college football player I saw who was wearing a gold watch as he played. Here is the link for those interested:"". I wanted to talk about the connotations involved with wearing a gold watch and what he wanted people to think. First of he probably thought it was a cool thing and that it would gain attention, which it did. I want to look at it through every way possible. Maybe he thought it would make him look rich or imply he was an important person. Maybe he thought it would make his school look better. What I really want to know is what he thought people would think when they saw it. Did he think it would get this much attention? What was his purpose in doing it? Was it supposed to be symbolic in anyway? I wanted to look at it in a different way than most people would. I didn't want to just laugh at it and think he was just trying to look cool. There is a purpose in everything and I wanted to know what his purpose was. I know it’s a bit strange, but it really got me to think.