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Monday, October 19, 2015

Gun Control

     Gun control has become a highly debated topic in the past couple of years in the United States and for good reason. Today it seems like anyone can just buy a gun, even with all this talk about restricting gun laws. Everyday you see some talk about gun laws and the issues surrounding them, yet nothing has really changed. In a recent New York Times article it talked about recent shootings and how the people obtained the weapons. Numerous examples showed that the person should not have been able to purchase a gun, but they were allowed to do so anyways. It seems like there is a major problem here people being given a license or gun when they are not supposed to. In most of the cases it was just a careless mistake by the people selling the guns, which is unnecaptable as they have a job to make sure things like this don't happen, but some times it was a lack of clarity\sense in the rules. What I mean by this is in one case involving a man named Aaron Alexis he was not allowed to purchase an assault rifle, but was allowed to purchase a shotgun. To me this makes no sense. How is someone not allowed to buy an assault rifle, but then be allowed to purchase a different gun. Common sense would tell you that he shouldn't have been allowed to have a gun at all. It seems like the gun laws that are used need to be looked at again because what is being used right now doesn't seem to be the best set of rules. 
     Now I understand that some people use guns for hunting or they enjoy shooting them and I believe that if you want to buy a gun you can. It's just that the criteria for owning one should be changed because most of these incidents were easily preventable . People aren't really following the rules or they don't fully understand them and that's a huge problem. Something needs to be done in order to correct this or else we are going to se similar issues continue to pop up.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Troops: Stay or Go

      It seems that everything is back to were it started. Once again people are discussing whether to send troops into Afghanistan. It seems like it was only a little while ago that  President Obama decided to start removing troops and that's because it was. Now he is faced with a new reality and that's that the Taliban has once again begun to take over land in Afghanistan. They are controlling about 1/5 of Afghanistan and have controlled some large cities for periods of time. 
      President Obama is faced with a tough decision now. For years ago he slowly started to remove all forces from Iraq and now he may possible have to go against what he previously did and send some back. There are still troops in Afghanistan as a way to try and keep the peace and make it a smoother transition, but the forces they have are simply not enough. The Afghan government is asking for the United States help and usually they are not one to turn a blind eye. It is a very tough decision and President Obama must do what is best for all people involved. 

Red areas are land where the Taliban are controlling.

Friday, October 2, 2015

New system in Greece

      With Greece's struggling economy people are turning to a new system to get what they want. Greece's economy has taken a big hit in recent years and people have had a hard time making ends meet, so people have started to take matter into their own hands. In order to get items that people need they have made bartering the main way to do so. In a recent New York Times article it showed system that they have developed. The problem is that many people cannot access money:" People are finding it more convenient to trade because money is not readily available". With all the trading that has been going down, now it has taken a digital turn. The website "Tradenow" is dedicated to people trying to find items to trade for. I felt this was very interesting because people are going back to the roots of man kind when there was money. Now people still trade today, but not on this scale and they aren't doing it out of necessity like the people of Greece.