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Monday, December 14, 2015

American Conformity

For my blog post today I will be talking about conformity and being a non conformist. This is something we discussed in many lengths during our class. A conformist is someone who adapts to accepted behaviors and follows what other people are doing. People usually do it to fit in with the crowd and to not seem different. Many people view this as a stupid practice and feel like you shouldn't want to make yourself look and act like everyone else or do what is expected of you. It's what you do differently that makes you unique and the person you are is one way that they look at it. There are thousands of examples in the world that I could choose to examine, but for today I want to look at "American Idiot" by Green Day and show how it represents being a non conformist.
"Green Day" was and still is a very popular band who have made many popular songs and lots of them have to do with going against social norms or standing up for something. Arguably their most popular song is "American Idiot", which is all about not becoming almost brainwashed by the American media, but it has a lot more meanings behind it. The song begins with the line "Don't want to be an American idiot" that is where they get the name of the song and it also explains what the entire song is going to be about. An "American idiot" is somewhat of a stereotypical American to them. It is someone who believes in everything the government says or acts in the way that everyone else does.
In the opening lines they talk about how they don't want to see America go into this crazed state due to this conformity and they look towards the future and hear "the sound of hysteria" which can be thought of as America going bottom up. They themselves want people to stay away from this and want to show the people that they shouldn't buy into this. They then say "where everything isn't meant to be okay". I feel like this is showing that not everything is how it's portrayed. Not everything is so simple or good in the world. It's not really how the American media portrays it and people shouldn't buy into this. People should broaden their horizons and look past it. They feel that everybody's opinions are shaped by the media "One nation controlled by the media". They talk about propaganda as well, so the nation is being controlled by the media and people opinions are being molded by this propaganda. They are trying to get people to not conform to what they believe the government wants. They themselves want to be the ones that wake people up to this. They say that "We're not the ones who're meant to follow". Just from that line you can say that they don't want to be conformists and they are "calling out to idiot America".  This sense of people's opinions being made for them by the media is what they are trying to fight because they don't want to be like everyone else.

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  1. Ryan, Fine job blogging overall this term. I like your choice of artifact, though I wonder if you could embed the audio into the post. Why not pictures as well? I'm glad you cite lyrics and begin to tease out meanings of specific lines here. You might also use bold font to highlight words. This is a particularly effective strategy in blogging.