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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Korea Together Again?

Recent talks between South Kore and North Korea about fixing their relationship has broken down. There has been an effort of joint tourism between the two countries where people from both countries would go visit. This was supposed to help people get a better understanding of the countries and see what it is like on the "other side". North Korea is upset because it seems that South Korea has stopped sending tourist due to an incident where two South Koreans where shot when they wandered into a restricted area. The Tourist program provided the North with lots of money so they have been trying to get it back running again. South Kore has said there are other issues they wish to solve first. 
This is all part of a greater action to help families separated by the boarders to be able to talk to each other again. Since the Korean War many families were seperated and have not been able to talk to them since the truce in 1953. With these failed talks it is on,y bound to worsen relations, which seemed to be on the ropes before this. They apparently nearly went to war earlier this year when North Korea was accused of planting mines on the boarder that maimed two of its guards.
Personally I don't know if they will ever come back to sign a treaty with each other as the countries it seems are now so different and separate. I hope at some point they can put there differences asaide, but at the moment it seems like an impossible task.

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  1. Are both North and South Korea okay with each other in good way?