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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Warning shots

Recently tensions between Turkey and Russia have met a boiling point and it seems they are only getting worse. A Russian ship apparently fired warning shots at a Turkish ship because they felt they were going to collide. These relations started with a Russian plane being shot down by Turkish forces, which killed a pilot. Turkey said that the plane was violating Turkish air space, but in my opinion would it really have been necessary to shoot it down. They could have probably contacted them in some way to talk about it. Russia has claimed that Turkey is trying to hid an agreement with ISIS in which Turkey receives oil from them. Turkey has denied this and I find this really interesting. It's kind of like a game of he said, she said. I feel like the two sides need to reach some sort of agreement because for the time being things are only getting worse.

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  1. I thought turkey was only during thanks given? Why is turkey angry with Russia? You need to specify how many turkey there are as well.